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Rachel Janeway


Mondays at 6 PM & Fridays at 9 AM

Location of Classes: 1205 Gringo Road, Unit 1B (downstairs/around back) Aliquippa, PA 15001

I have always had a passion for exercise. I used it to keep my physical body in shape, but it also helped with my stress and anxiety.

When I discovered yoga I thought it would be another form of exercise but it is so much more. Yoga helps me to stay in the present moment and build’s self-awareness as you learn to breathe and stay calm while holding challenging postures.

In life, we all go through tough times. Yoga is a tool to help you stay connected in mind, body, and spirit while learning to breathe through those hard times and do our best to let go and accept what’s happening in the present moment. Yoga can be used alongside therapy to help process emotions through holding certain hip openers to bring the emotion and energy that we store in our muscles to the surface and release it. It also builds strength and endurance while building heat in the body to create change and using the breath to calm your sympathetic nervous system, fight or flight, and activate your parasympathetic nervous system, calm and restore.

I received my 200-hour training in 2011 and have been teaching consistently since then. I have taken many workshops and additional training and continue to build my knowledge as science reveals more information about this practice. I am also currently teaching at Salt Power Yoga in Sewickley, which is a heated studio to help warm the body a little faster.

My classes are tailored for all levels from beginner to advanced and on the mat it’s your own practice because we are all anatomically different and are in different stages in life. We will move through some active and dynamic poses and hold some still postures while keeping our breath calm.

My hope is that through this practice, you will feel more energized and restored as the body, mind and spirit find homeostasis

and balance.

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