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We are honored that you are considering us as a part of your journey to achieve optimal mental health treatment. If you believe Christian counseling may be right for you, call or email today for more information or to schedule an appointment!

We too often feel alone in our pain, in the difficulties of life, in relationships gone wrong, and issues that we feel unprepared for or overwhelmed to tackle alone. For many, spirituality, spiritual principles, and faith have been a sustaining force and anchor in times of trials. While faith can be one of the biggest blessings in our lives, the traumas of life can leave us disheartened and even at times, doubtful of God’s presence in our lives. When we feel like this, many different symptoms can occur, including exhaustion (feeling burnt out, feeling alone, or abandoned), hopelessness, or extending ourselves to increasing busyness to fill the ‘void’ that nothing else has been able to fill. What happens when we reach the end of our rope and we’re afraid that God won’t fulfill His promises to sustain or protect us? What happens when it doesn’t feel like our faith will be enough of an anchor to keep us secure in life’s turbulence?


At Clarity Counseling, we see you and we hear those cries. We also understand what it is like to face the intersection of both faith and fear, and what it looks like to try to biblically walk out our calling as humans while learning to heal from traumas and broken relationships while practically managing our mental health. It can feel incredibly overwhelming to not only navigate life’s challenges but to also understand God’s presence in our lives and how this impacts, changes, comforts, and challenges us as well. 


Christian therapy can be a safe place to land. A space in time where we can feel those hardships, cry the tears we’ve held inside, ask the difficult questions we’ve been afraid to speak. While Clarity Counseling is not specifically a Christian counseling practice, there are several clinicians that understand and can incorporate a Christian faith perspective in treatment. This may look like helping someone apply biblical principles in difficult situations, incorporating scripture, and/or providing prayer during the session. 


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