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Chris Dericks




 I am an intern currently studying at Geneva College to complete my master's degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. I have spent my life enjoying working with people.

 I hold degrees in Elementary Education, American Studies, and a Masters of Divinity. I was an elementary teacher, and a youth pastor, and am currently ​serving as a pastor.

My joy is to join with individuals, families, and couples to help them grow to find relational and mental health. I work from a family systems approach and help clients to create goals and achieve them so they can thrive through the challenges that life has to offer. I believe that we can get into some negative life patterns.

Providing space for individuals to work through their goals and find their strengths will enable them to sustain positive change.  Life throws all sorts of things that are sometimes too big for us to handle. It is my joy to work through conflict resolution with individuals, couples, and families. Another area of strength is grief and loss.

​I can work from a Christian or non-Christian perspective and only will incorporate this perspective if it is a perspective welcomed by the client.

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