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We are honored that you and your partner are considering Clarity Counseling as a part of your journey to achieve optimal mental health treatment. If you believe couples therapy may be right for you and your partner, call or email today for more information or to schedule an appointment!

Intimate relationships can have various challenges and rewards. If you are visiting this page, chances are that you have had some relationship tensions or even experience distress in the relationship. Couples therapy is a great way to improve your communication and conflict management skills, as well as build a more intimate, trusting, and meaningful relationship. 


According to John Gottman…69% of marital conflict cannot be resolved. Yes! You did read that correctly. Some things in the relationship just can’t be resolved. There are some things you and your partner have been arguing about since day one that you have never been able to figure out. However, according to Gottman, that doesn’t mean that you can’t obtain marital satisfaction. One of the most important aspects of any relationship is building a friendship and knowing each other's worlds.


Clarity Counseling’s couple’s therapists are trained in a theory called the Gottman Method. What you will find is the process is very systematic and focuses on building skills and a desire to find happiness in living life together.


The first several sessions are an assessment process. You will take a Gottman assessment which will reveal areas that need improvement in your marriage. After charting a course of treatment, you will find Gottman Therapy to be very different from other forms of couple’s therapy. Traditionally couples therapy has couples trying to get the therapist to agree with their side of the situation. At the end of the day that leaves the couple upset and not feeling like they were heard by their partner.


Gottman Therapy works to build trust and commitment through a process of interventions. We will work together to find the negative patterns that keep repeating in your relationship, and then find ways to change those. Each week you will be learning how to communicate and work through conflict in a healthy and productive manner. 

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