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Nicky Dericks




I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with an approach to counseling based in support, empathy, and genuineness. I strive to help people feel comfortable, safe, and valued. I seek to build a therapeutic relationship rooted in trust. I work from a holistic, person-centered, trauma-informed approach to care to meet clients where they are right now and incorporate multiple methods and tools into my work with clients.

I have 14 years of experience working with clients of all ages, and difficulties including but not limited to stress management, codependency, boundaries, relationship concerns, self-esteem/identity issues, emotion regulation, anxiety, depression, OCD, and eating disorders. I tailor therapy to the specific needs of each client. I am passionate about helping people to understand their true value and worth as individuals. My hope is to come alongside you on your journey and empower you to incorporate change and deal with deeper-rooted emotions to experience greater well-being. I fundamentally believe that each person has innate value and worth and feel extremely blessed to be able to help others navigate the many challenges of life.​

I currently hold my Professional Counselor license (LPC) in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. I obtained my Masters of Education in Counseling at California University of Pennsylvania (now PennWest University). Prior to finding my passion for counseling, I worked for 10 years in youth ministry. 

Currently, I own and oversee my own private counseling practice, Clarity Counseling, LLC which I created in 2018 as an individual provider. Our team now consists of 13 staff members. Our focus is on client care, and creating a healthy work-life balance and team environment where new and experienced therapists can support one another and grow as healthy individuals and professionals so that we can offer the best client care to those we have the honor of serving.

Though Clarity is not a Christian counseling practice, my personal Christian faith is what led me to create a safe space to love people in the community. I would be happy to incorporate my Christian faith into the counseling process when desired by the client.

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