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Joanna Papa


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Available: TUE - WED - THU  

I have been a licensed massage therapist for the last 14 years. I graduated from The Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy in 2008 and have enjoyed working with a wide range of clients from many demographics over the years. I enjoy helping clients to reduce physical pain and tension, as well as their levels of stress and anxiety.


I believe in the body’s inherent ability to heal and return to balance after instances of injury, stress, and trauma.


I specialize in neuromuscular massage which works by applying pressure to trigger points within the muscles in order to address and release painful long-held maladaptive patterns within the body. Other modalities I practice include pregnancy massage, Swedish massage, and myofascial release. I always communicate with each client in order to customize every session to specifically address each client’s individual needs and goals.


I am aware of how the effects of mental and emotional trauma can manifest within the body. Massage is a physical method that brings awareness to where and how tension is built up and held. It is a way to access and dislodge tension and painful holding patterns. It can work extremely well as an extra physical tool for any client who is simultaneously working with their clinical mental health counselor, on their own mental and emotional healing process.


My interest in how our physical, mental, and emotional states are all interconnected, prompted me to enroll in Carlow University’s Master’s program for clinical mental counseling (trauma track), where I am currently a student. I am enjoying learning more about how trauma affects the body and mind and the many ways it can be integrated to enable a return to health and balance on all levels within ourselves.

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